Connections to Humanities


Lady, by yonder blessed moon I swear

That tips with silver all these fruit-tree tops


O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon,

That monthly changes in her circled orb,

Lest that thy love prove likewise variable


To Literature
The course connects to literature through inspiring reflections upon our efforts to understand nature expressed eloquently by Homer and Plato to Dante, Chaucer, Milton, Shakespeare, Blake and Tennyson.


To Art

Physics is a form of art and beauty. Using works of art from various eras, the course draw explicit connections between scientific developments and artistic movements from the Greek Geometric Period to the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment. Modern physics topics connect to modern artists such as Picasso, Escher and Magritte.


To Culture

With cultural connections to literature and art scientific concepts are tied to the intellectual climate of the time from which they arise. Artistic and scientific thinking are products of a shared culture, with different manifestations, like different fruits from a common soil. In turn, scientific ideas and discoveries exert a profound impact on culture.